Kethey Quicano
Being happy will bring positivity

Kethey loves performing live. Kethey takes care of of all the bookings for The Kamis. She loves organising events and getting the bands together. Kethey is also a dedicated songwriter and loves all type of music especially Rock as it gives her a rush of fun. Apart from music, she loves spending time with her family, relaxing to music and having a great laugh.

Vili Langi
Vocalist and Songwriter
Live and Love Music

Their newest member, Vili Langi, joined the band in early 2016, and has also found a place in the band as a Male Lead Vocalist, since joining the band, he has become a songwriter and co-producer for the band. This talented young singer/ songwriter hopes to release some music with the Kamis in hope to take the band on a tour, so keep an eye out. 

Afa Kami
Bass Player, Vocalist and Sound Engineer
I love playing all sorts of music.

Afa organises the band transport and looks after all band members needs with sound and lighting requirements. He loves all kinds of music from reggae to pop and enjoys entertaining people every weekend and sharing the gift he has been blessed with as well as his passion for music. Afa enjoys his day job in maintenance building work alongside with jamming with his family.

Josh Kami
Keyboardist, Vocalist and Arranger
I like sharing experiences with talented musicians.

Josh loves all aspects of music. He is also a talented producer under the name of “Smiley J” and has established his own record label called Major Made Musiq Studios. He has performed alongside and worked with the likes of Righteous Voodoo, Sabbath Sala Siolo, Prinnie Stevens from the Voice, Ruhi Lavaki from the Voice Kis, Lomez Brown, Fiji, Mike Champion and saxophone sensation Garry Honor. Besides music, Josh loves spending time with his family.

David Kami
Drummer and Vocalist
When I see others enjoying the music. I feel happy.

David in the past taught young kids & students about drumming & beats for after school sessions. Since then, he is a proud father of four sons along with his wife. Music is his passion and it keeps his positive. He enjoys good food and relaxing and loves to keep active. He loves seeing people enjoying dancing to the rhythm and groove. He never stops learning from music and is still loves performing with The Kamis for 17 years and counting.

Joseph Gatehau
Guitarist and Vocalist
Push yourself to the next level, all the time.

Joseph is no stranger to the music industry. He was in the Top 12 for Australian Idol in 2006. In 2011, his group ‘Three Wishes’ was a Top 4 act for X Factor. When he isn’t strumming and performing, he loves to exercise. He is currently completing his Orange Belt in Hapkido. He often guest performs with The Kamis.

Amelia Kupu
I'm grateful I can perform for those who enjoy it.

Amelia loves listening to songs that she can relate to. She is a big fan of old school music. In her spare time she is a proud stay at home mum. She loves fishing, seafood and sports. She enjoys the company of those that make her happy including her close friends and her parents. She is grateful to be able to perform for those who enjoy listening and moving to the music.

Aaleatha Sandstrom
Guest Vocalist
I love entertaining a crowd.

Aaleatha is a Singer/Songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Her powerful voice and strong stage presence has seen her travel the Australian East coast performing in bands and lead roles for multiple stage shows. Aaleatha has appeared at a host of corporate events, product launches and charitable fundraising initiatives for major clients including The Starlight Children’s Foundation. Aaleatha’s vocals have also featured on major TV advertising campaigns for clients such as Tourism Australia. During her time touring, Aaleatha began writing her own original material. Her music has been recognised by industry professionals with multiple songs reaching the finals in Australian song writing competition, The MusicOz Awards. With a repertoire ranging from commercial Top 40 hits to 80’s and 90’s classics, Aaleatha continues to entertain crowds at some of Sydney’s top venues.

Madam Parker
Guest Vocalist
Happiness pushes my creativity

Madam appeared in the Top 9 of Australian Idol in 2008. She is a recording artist and has featured on a few international reality TV shows in New Zealand, Australia and Rarotonga. Originally from New Zealand, she has relocated to Sydney, Australia. Besides music, Madam has done some modelling and loves acting and presenting. She plans to release her original music and become an international artist.