If you want Live Music to be mixed like a DJ (Non-Stop!) and they mean (PARTY NON-STOP) then ‘Kamis’ is the band for you. These guys have such great energy and are a fun type, dynamically driven band, and would love to be at your next event/ function/ wedding/ ball, they will guarantee to meet all your needs.

In terms of music, You Name It! They Play It! They Do Not Disappoint!

The Kamis music range from the 50’s up to now. They cover a lot of musical Genres and musical Era’s, such as 60’s soul to 70’s disco, or 70’s rock to 80’s funk, or 80’s hip hop to 90’s pop, or 90’s R'n'b to 2000’s Dance Music.

The Kamis have been performing for more than a decade and are a unique band, WHY? Because four of the band members are siblings. They were brought up playing music all their lives, and were formed by their father ‘Simana Kami’, the family of four live and breathe music.